Benefits of Odyssey Online Learning

Set Your High School Student Up to Succeed

Why are so many families choosing online high schools for their students these days? Safe, personalized, convenient, and comfortable – Odyssey Online Learning students get all the benefits their public and private school peers get, without the challenges inherent in a traditional school environment.

Varying Curriculum, Successful Completion

In a virtual school environment, your student attends class from home or any other Internet-connected location and works toward a high school diploma online. Your student’s classes may include live meetings, be completely self-paced, or mix both instructional styles together. Either way, the top-notch educational programs at OOL will prepare your student for life beyond high school, whether that means college, trade school, or joining the work force.

Our teachers are passionate about education, and it shows in their commitment to our students’ success. But your student’s support team doesn’t end with the teaching staff. Regular check-ins with tutors and advisors help ensure your student stays on track to graduate – and builds a solid knowledge base at every step along the way.

There are also many opportunities for extra-curricular, socialization, and enrichment activities. Just because your student learns in a different environment doesn’t mean missing out on making happy memories from high school.

Just as Good… and Probably Even Better!

That’s how a US Dept. of Education study summed up the education provided in online school settings:

“Online schools can provide easy access to standards-based, state-of-the-art lesson content, highly qualified instructors, and a wide variety of rigorous course work, regardless of physical location or other limitations."

It’s no wonder high school students in virtual schools do so well. With individualized attention, customized pacing, and fewer distractions, students have all they need to not only complete high school successfully… they often also discover a love for learning they never knew they had before. It’s that sort of drive to discover that helps students do well in their studies and post-school life.

Odyssey Online Learning – The Modern Alternative

Bringing your student home to complete high school in an online setting may be the best decision your family ever makes. They’ll get the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in whatever they do next, without the troublesome challenges of attending class in a traditional setting.

Your student can succeed – and Odyssey Online Learning may be the virtual school option that fits your family best. Feel free to contact Odyssey Online Learning with your questions about our school – or to take the next steps toward enrolling your student.

Wondering what it's like being a student at Odyssey Online Learning?