Enrollment Process

Odyssey Online Learning is a tuition-free public high school. It is open to South Carolina residents who are eligible for grades 9–12. A student must enroll in OOL on a full-time basis, and cannot be homeschooled or earning credits at another high school at the same time. On the first day of class, all students have to be 20 years of age or younger. For the full school year, they will need to complete five to seven credits.

Here are some questions you might have about enrollment in Odyssey Online Learning:

When should a student enroll?

Odyssey Online Learning will accept your application year round. Students are able to enroll until we meet our enrollment capacity and then are placed on a waiting list.

Can I enroll my student mid-year?

Odyssey Online Learning will accept qualified students as space allows. Beyond late September, students who wish to apply will be on a waitlist. A small number may be able to enroll from that waitlist for the second semester.

Is a student guaranteed enrollment?

Applicants who meet all eligibility requirements and complete the enrollment process will be granted enrollment if space is available.

What if my student was expelled?

Students who were expelled from a school but who are re-enrolled in another school will be considered for enrollment. However, each student who has been expelled from a school in the past will be reviewed individually to determine eligibility for free online high school at OOL.

Can a student enroll part-time or with dual enrollment?

No students will be allowed a part-time status. Students have to be enrolled in OOL full-time, and cannot take classes elsewhere during that time. College or junior college courses, however, may be allowed because they are not the same as enrolling in another high school. Working with an advisor can help a student obtain permission for a dual enrollment status based on college credit.

How many classes must a student take at one time?

Students are expected to take 5-7 credits per academic year. Each student's pacing and course load are set by their academic advisor, but every student must enroll for the minimum number of credits if they are to stay on pace for graduation. If a student wishes to pursue college prep, that will lead a student to take more than the minimum required classes.

Can I purchase your courses as a supplement to my child's current education?

No, OOL does not offer individual families the ability to purchase courses directly.

Is there a cost for OOL schooling?

Odyssey Online Learning is a free public high school, like the one you would attend through a local district. There is no tuition. As with most schools, there can be minimal costs for optional activities, along with supplies.