Students Need the Right Support to be Successful

For students to have the highest degree of success possible, top quality instruction and a high level of support are necessary. This help is not limited to the online learning environment; it is important in traditional high schools as well.

At Odyssey Online Learning, we have faculty and staff positions that are structured to recognize the differences in learning styles between students.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all method of teaching. We understand that every student may need something just a little bit different to be as successful as possible. Every student is capable of learning, and we want to facilitate that learning with the right help and the best environment.

As we identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student's environment, we can target the areas for additional help to ensure that the student will have the best chance of great success.

The Instructional Staff is Here to Help

All OOL instructional staff members are highly qualified and have specialized training for online instruction. Each has a minimum of a bachelor's degree and high school teaching credentials.

Success Coaches

Your student's success coach is the captain of the team of specialists and the guide to academic success. They will work with the student and the parents, taking everything into consideration. Coming up with an academic plan for your student can help create expectancy and the desire to perform well, along with a way to see how success can result. Students who see that they are going to be able to move through their education in a way that works for them are often much more likely to be successful in the long run. The knowledge that there will be proper guidance and help is what the academic advisor strives to create in every student who comes to Odyssey Online Learning.

Teachers and Live Tutors

Attending school online does not mean students will learn in a bubble. Students will have class and tutoring meetings in a virtual classroom, which will be complete with speaking and listening capability. This virtual classroom will also offer a projector, whiteboard, tools for note taking and a way to "raise your hand" to ask questions or give an answer. Instructors will lead students through activities. They can lecture, have a group discussion, practice language, or do group or individual tutoring to keep students engaged, focused and on track. Teachers also work with students on an individual basis if there are questions or if help is needed to understand a lesson.

Guidance Staff

The guidance staff works with students to ensure they are informed about their choices and prepared for life once high school is over. Students need to know what they have to do to move toward college or a career, and guidance counselors can help get them ready for all of that. This advice can include helping them register for state tests and the SATs, directing them to college fairs, helping them with applications and working with them to get financial aid if they qualify. Students can also work with their guidance counselor to meet with colleges, trade schools and other types of organizations.


The support provided by parents during the high school years is a crucial factor in how much success their student will see. At Odyssey Online Learning, we want to make sure parents have what they need to monitor their student's progress, and to motivate and guide that student through high school and beyond. The Parent Portal can provide valuable information about how well your student is performing, and you are encouraged to work closely with your student to help them succeed.

How can we support you in making the best choice for your student? Contact Odyssey Online Learning today with your questions.

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