Odyssey Online Learning

Meet Our Staff

Here at Odyssey Online Learning, we seek to provide our students with the best possible opportunities to succeed. Our institute employs teachers who are experts at offering online instruction and guidance to students. Convenient in-home online learning means you’ll have access to our state certified professionals with the click of a mouse. Want to know more about all of our staff? Find out more now!

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  • amburn Andrea Amburn

    Andrea Amburn

    School Operations Manager

    (803) 316-1288

  • burnette Barry Burnette

    Barry Burnette

    Director of Student Services

    (803) 904-3564

  • reese DeAnta Reese

    DeAnta Reese

    Intervention & Retention Specialist

    (803) 904-3508

  • leamon Heather Leamon

    Heather Leamon

    Data Manager

    (843) 790-4382

  • zueger Jill Zueger

    Jill Zueger

    Lead School Counselor

    (803) 904-3659

  • studebaker Kelly Studebaker

    Kelly Studebaker

    Special Education Coordinator

    (803) 904-3577