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The Online Community and Your Student's Learning Experience

Peer interaction is very important at Odyssey Online Learning. Many students get to know peers and others in their community who they would never have met through other means. This can broaden their social circle, horizons and opportunities for work and education after high school is over. Students also interact in tutoring sessions and live classes on a regular basis, and they have discussions and group projects where they can get to know one another. Class forums and blogs are available as well, giving students further options for interaction in an environment that is less formal and where they may feel more comfortable expressing their opinions.

School Clubs and Organizations

Students at Odyssey Online Learning can get involved in clubs and organizations that plan events, offer activities, take field trips and complete projects that allow for increased interest and exploration. Odyssey Online Learning students make an annual yearbook, and students are encouraged to get involved with sports, dance, music, volunteering and other activities they enjoy.

Events and Field Trips

Throughout each school year, Odyssey Online Learning organizes events and field trips so students can extend their learning and interact with one another and the community around them. Many of these activities are social events based on the interest of students and parents. At OOL, we also work to create partnerships with state, local and national organizations to make more activities available to students who may have a wider variety of interests.

School Culture

Odyssey Online Learning is a community made up of families and educators who are focused on seeing students succeed. We believe the 21st century requires a good background in mathematics and science, and that a student who has that foundation can be successful. With a well-rounded education, a student who is inspired can go a long way, and that student will be well prepared for what life will offer after high school. By developing a unique and supportive community, Odyssey Online Learning can help students see a higher level of success.

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Students Have Access to Resources to Help Them Succeed

  • 2019-2020 School Calendar

  • Parent-Student Handbook 2018-2019

  • School Plagiarism Policy and Honor Code

  • Fuel ED/PEAK Service Station and Knowledge Base


The Service Station can be accessed through the quick links located at the top of the PEAK Office home page and may also access the site. Click here to enter. Users will login using their mentor or administrator username and password. Phone assistance is also available via telephone at 1-84GoFuelEd (1-844-638-3533)

Once logged in, mentors have access from the Home tab to support documents through the Knowledge Base, such as access to ticketing and chat support. 

Ticket support includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Requesting exemptions/modifications for individual enrollments; please do this early. 
  • Technical support 
  • Student issues

State Resources

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