Student Tech Support

Learning Technology for Your Student's Needs

Students, families, and staff at Odyssey Online Learning South Carolina are supported by robust technology systems. These are designed to be simple to learn and use. This technology is helpful in tracking and reporting how well a student is performing and what kind of progress that student is making. Online learning is a unique educational experience that can be very enjoyable when the tools are there to learn the information and see how it can be applied to the real world.

Make Use of the Student Portal

The Student Portal is your personal home page. You can see all your online learning tools in one place and can access any information you need. That can include daily lessons and assignments, along with grades, tests, progress reports, deadlines, attendance, announcements, and achievement intervention alerts if you are struggling with a class or a concept. Students can communicate with instructors and advisors through the portal. They can also contribute to forums and blogs as part of helping them succeed in earning their high school diploma.

The Online Classroom Environment

A live classroom environment is not necessary when you can get the same benefits through virtual means. Students can do nearly anything in their virtual classroom that they could do in a standard classroom, so they are not missing out on the high school experience. Online learning can also lead to fewer distractions, making it easier for the serious student to focus on the classroom and the learning that is important to them. They can easily interact with other students and their teachers. Taking notes, recording lectures and learning from a virtual white board are all a part of the experience for OOL students.

The Value of Testing and Academic Progress

At Odyssey Online Learning South Carolina, every student, teacher, and parent can track academic progress toward a high school diploma. Students are tested and quizzed daily in every course, and that progress is reported on both the student and parent home page. Our technology uses daily quiz information to determine if a student may be falling behind their peers or struggling with a concept. Any student that falls behind receives an automatic alert so that parents and teachers can do what is necessary to get that student back on track. The learning plan can also be adjusted if that becomes necessary.

Grades and Assignments

All students, parents and instructional staff at OOL can see grades and upcoming assignments on their home page. With daily quizzes and multiple-choice assignments that are graded automatically, students have immediate feedback they can use.

Attendance and Usage Information

Attendance is tracked, and alerts are sent for absences that are not excused. At any time, instructional staff can see where students have spent time in a course. Being able to see what has been accessed and for what period of time helps determine if a student is having problems, needs additional resources, or may be engaging in behavior that could be detrimental to their education.

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