Odyssey Online Learning

Student of the Year 2019


Congratulations to Steven Shinn, OOL's Student of the Year!

Steven joined the Odyssey family in March of 2018 after spending a year and a half in a traditional brick and mortar setting. He is the perfect example of what OOL can do for a student who is organized and determined. He attends all of his live lessons, advocates for himself, and pays attention to detail when completing his work. School was a bit of a struggle for him in brick and mortar but once getting into the groove of online school, he is proving to be unstoppable and even catching up on credits he had fallen behind on at his previous school.

His teachers say he is fantastic at communicating which is a key part of being successful online. With Steven, you can be sure that your emails will be read and responded to in a timely manner, that he will participate fully in your lessons, and that he is making high school a priority. Like most high school students, he enjoys playing video games and also has a love for history. After earning his diploma, Steven plans to become a welder.