Odyssey Online Learning

August 2017 Student of the Month

Janna DeCamps - Thursday, September 14, 2017
Congratulations to Audrey Harris for being the student of the month for August!! She was selected by her teachers because of her hard work, communication, and dedication. She attends all her live lessons, stays in contact with her teachers and is on top of  her course work. She is even ahead of  some of her classes. We all love how involved she is here at Odyssey Online High and enjoy working with her.

Here is Audrey's story:

When 9th grade finally came, I was very excited about starting high school and hoped things would be different; however, it was not. I was bullied to the point that I would come home crying, and began to make wrong decisions such as hanging with the wrong crowd to be popular, and I was even sent to ISS once for getting into trouble. I was lucky to pass my grade.

When I started Odyssey Online Learning, things began to take a positive turn. I stopped hanging out with the wrong people, I met knew friends through the school and did not have to worry about any negativity such as bullying. I could choose when to do my school work, and could focus better on getting it done. Due to the positive reinforcement in the online live classrooms, I have been making better grades, enjoying my time with this school, and will finish the year with flying colors. I will graduate in June and I am looking                                                                             forward to my future.

I have a very sweet, autistic four-year-old brother named Chase, whom I love dearly. I like to read and veg on Netflix. Some of my favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Gilmore Girls, and Supernatural. One fun fact about myself is that I lived in Mexico for 1 ½ years. Some advice I would give to another student would be work hard, stay on pace, and work out a schedule each day that works for you and stick with it. Don’t fall behind because it will be hard to catch up!

Audrey, we are so proud of you!!