Odyssey Online Learning

December 2017 Student of the Month

Janna DeCamps - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Congratulations to Romero Williams for being Student of the Month for December!!


Romero Williams has been very dedicated, asks for help when he needs it, and puts in extra time to do well in his courses. He works very hard in all his courses, but has been going above and beyond in his English class. We are so proud him.


Romero Williams lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and likes attending online school because it gives him plenty of time to get his work done. Romero said that his favorite subject in school is English, and he plans to go to USC to get his Bachelor’s Degree and then achieve his dream job as a Land Administration Manager. Outside of school, Romero’s favorite things to do are spending time with family, and meeting his friends at the mall. The most helpful study habit that he practices is completing the most difficult assignments first. Romero considers his mom to be his hero since she is always there when he needs her the most, and is also the one person that he says he cannot live without.


Keep up the great work, Romero!!