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Janna DeCamps - Wednesday, May 17, 2017


It is literally everything we need to succeed.

So, what is it?

Let me explain--

I have two little children—6 and 3. We love Disney. We did the whole Frozen thing for a while, but now….now we have MOANA! It’s Disney’s newest “princess” film, and if you don’t have little kids, you may not know about it, but you might want to😊

Long story short, it’s a Hawaiian folk story. The Heart of Te Fiti has been stolen by a demigod named Maui. This thievery has started a chain of events where nature is basically dying. Moana is the upcoming chief of her tribe that lives on the island of Motunui. She should be happy with being the future chief and never wanting to leave the island, but something about the water calls to her. Low and behold, the ocean chooses Moana to find Maui (who has been banished), take him to Te Fiti, and have him restore the heart, essentially fixing this whole nature is dying thing.

I love Moana, and let me tell you why. Yes, the movie has totally awesome songs with great beats. Yes, I sing those songs on a regular basis throughout my home (even when I am alone). I may even be singing one right now as I type. But aside from that, Moana (the character) is just a regular girl. BUT, she has GRIT, and a lot of it. The ocean has chosen her and she will stop at nothing, no matter how dangerous or seeming impossible the task, to restore order to her land. And in the end, she succeeds (of course).

GRIT—now what is that? Aside from being the point of this blog, it’s something TOTALLY COOL!!! Grit is passion and perseverance. It’s what makes us keep going to achieve both short and long term goals. It is what we need to achieve in life….aside from school and tests and essays and science labs and history lessons.

I found TedTalk that shows the importance and explains what I mean by Grit. This lady, Angela Lee Duckworth has been doing tons of research on Grit. As a teacher, I want to find her and thank her for researching this. As a mother, I want to do the same.

What do you think of Grit as a student or as a parent of a student?

Click here to see the video.

Let me know what you think.

Angie Ackerman- OOL English Teacher