Odyssey Online Learning

March 2018 Student of the Month

Janna DeCamps - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Congratulations to Jamie Parker for being Odyssey Online Learning's Student of the month for March 2018!!!

Jamie is a fabulous student. To begin, she is conscientious. She never misses out on the small details that others may skip. She is organized and stays on top of her work despite her large course load. Jamie attends and participates in all live lessons (and lately that means 3 days a week for American History!). She is comfortable reaching out for help when she needs it or advocating for herself if she feels like she needs more time or more direction. She often asks the questions that many other students are thinking and thus helps out the whole crowd. She is smart and does very well on anything that she puts her mind to. Jamie will go far in life and we are happy to contribute to that in any small way here at Odyssey Online Learning.

Here is a little bit about our SOM for March:

I’m Jamie and I live in Lexington, SC with my parents. I started online school because of problems with bullying and anxiety. I love that I can take my schoolwork on trips if I need to and I don’t miss anything if I’m sick. My favorite subject has always been English because I love reading and writing. Outside of school I like to watch shows on Netflix, hang out with my friends and family, read, write and listen to music. I plan on majoring in Kinesiology to become either a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. I love helping people and I love the medical field. I absolutely cannot live without my parents, friends or my favorite tv shows.

If I had any advice for a new student, it would probably be that finding what’s best for you is going to take time. I have had trouble with pacing since the beginning, but I have recently found a schedule that works best for me.

We are so proud of you, Jamie!!