Odyssey Online Learning

New Executive Director Rodney Robinson

Janna DeCamps - Thursday, June 14, 2018

We are so excited to welcome Rodney Robinson to our Odyssey Online Learning family. Mr. Robinson will be leading our team as our executive director!!

I am Rodney Robinson and I am excited to begin my tenure as the new Executive Director of Odyssey Online Learning. As a career educator with over 28 years of experience, my goal has always been to make a positive impact on the lives of students and families by building relationships, creating partnerships and supporting students in the pursuit of their goals.
Odyssey Online is poised to become the online “charter school of choice” in South Carolina with our innovative delivery of educational, academic and student support services. Our theme this year is “Endless Possibilities”. With a “think outside the box” approach, OOL will make our students’ learning experiences relevant, creative and fun! We will seek our students’ ideas on how we can improve our educational services because we value their input. We will also continue to nurture and strengthen the leadership potential in our students. The future for our students is bright and full of endless possibilities!
We are excited to partner with the Charter Institute at Erskine who will provide oversight, leadership and resources to help support our mission and goals. We will be an active participant in decisions that affect what we do and how we do it, always with our students in mind.
Our teachers, staff and administrators will continue to operate in a spirit of excellence and optimism. We love teaching and learning but, most importantly, we love children. We are committed to helping our students reach their full potential and realize their academic and personal goals. Consequently, our faculty and staff will enjoy a work environment that supports them personally and professionally.

As a former school counselor, I love connecting with students and families. While we are an online, virtual campus, our goal is to connect with our students wherever and whenever possible in order to get to know them and their communities better. We will also seek funding opportunities and fiscal support throughout the State where our students and parents live, work and thrive. OOL is coming to a city near you!

Finally, I am a husband (31 years), a father (one son) and a grandfather (one granddaughter). I am a foody who loves to cook (and eat) and I enjoy music and travel. I have been blessed to find my purpose in life after several failed attempts. I now have the awesome opportunity and responsibility for helping countless students find their purpose for a life filled with “Endless Possibilities!” Let’s get to work!