Odyssey Online Learning

November 2017 Student of the Month

Janna DeCamps - Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Carlee Waters is a wonderful student who has been with us here at OOL for several years and will graduate this year.  She has worked hard.  Carlee has a six-year-old and has a job and lives on her own, all while managing to stay up-to-date on her school work.  She is punctual and respectful.  This year she came back to school in August determined not to let anything stop her from her goal of graduation and she will achieve that.  We are amazed by Carlee and students like her who manage to juggle so many different responsibilities but realize how important their education is. 

She lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and greatly enjoys attending online school because she can complete her school work on a time that best meets her needs and schedule. She first began online school so that she could work and take care of her son without having to stress too much. Attending online school has fulfilled her desire to get her school work done and with providing her enough time to hang out with her son. Carlee’s favorite subject is History, and she plans to attend college to fulfill her dream of becoming an OBGYN Nurse. Outside of school, she enjoys coloring and painting, and says that she cannot live without her chap stick. Carlee thinks of her mom and dad as being her heroes since they are supportive and there for her.

                                           We are proud of you, Carlee!!!