Odyssey Online Learning

Odyssey Online Learning's 2017 Teacher of the Year

Janna DeCamps - Thursday, May 04, 2017

Cindy Stockman is Odyssey Online Learning’s Teacher of the Year for 2016-2017! Hooray!

Everyone at OOL loves Ms. Stockman. She is a fantastic leader at our school. This year she is teaching Government, World History and History of the Holocaust.

Her love of history and literature is lifelong. Currently, she spends time volunteering at the local library each week so that she can be around books. This passion for learning shows up in her teaching. When she is talking about history, her excitement shines through in her words. She pours her time and energy into crafting her lessons. Her engaging lectures are known throughout our school and many other schools that she has served for her over twenty-year teaching career.

Ms. Stockman loves Europe and especially all things England. She has run several successful Anglophile websites over the last few years. This summer she is taking her parents on their first trip across the pond to see England for themselves. She has their entire itinerary planned down to the hour.

Ms. Stockman loves children. She wants them to succeed in life long term, not just in her classes. Ms. Stockman can harness the fire within even the most reluctant learner and get them on the right track. She makes an effort to engage with students on items where they have a shared interest. This has led to her forming lifelong relationships with students. She still communicates with many of her OOL former students on a regular basis.

This school wouldn’t be what it is without Cindy Stockman. We are all so grateful that she spends her days here with us at Odyssey Online Learning!