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Odyssey Online Learning's 2017 Student of the Year

Janna DeCamps - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mya Faith McPhatter is Odyssey Online Learning’s 2017 Student of the Year. She is a stellar student who works hard daily to ensure that her future is a success.  She has been attending OOL for only three years but is on track to graduate in June, a full year early (after working through eight tough credits this school year). 

In sixth grade, Mya realized that traditional school was not working well for her.   In a regular brick-and mortar classroom, she felt things were moving at a pace too slow for her. She was often bored, but then still struggled occasionally with certain topics, and the teachers couldn’t spend extra time on those things that she needed more time to learn.  Together with her mother, they decided to make a change to online school.  Mya states that online school was immediately a much better of an experience for her.  She was able to challenge herself, take honors classes, all the while spending time where she needed to focus.  She loved her new schedule from the beginning.  With a flexible day, she could do other things like become involved in her community and even take on a part-time job helping students after school at the Boys and Girls Club, which has been very rewarding for her.  Mya says the “whole entire experience has been amazing.”  Mya has more volunteer hours just in high school that most adults who have been on the earth much longer than she.  She is a Ronald McDonald House Volunteer, St. Lawrence Place Volunteer, Full Gospel Word & Worship Junior Youth Volunteer, Richland Library Volunteer, Earth

Day Volunteer, Kingdom Kids Academy Volunteer, Feed the Hunger Volunteer, Spending Time with a Senior Citizen Volunteer, Project Clean Up Volunteer, Read to a Youth Outreach Volunteer and Clothing for the Homeless Volunteer.

Mya’s teachers all brag on her endlessly.  Mya asks intelligent questions and always wants to clarify directions before she begins a new endeavor.  Her writing is top notch, and she will often write more than is necessary because she can’t help herself.  Mya holds herself to a standard of perfection, and even if she misses just a few points on an assignment, she wants to redo it so that it is her best work.  Unsurprisingly, this has led to Mya achieving many awards as she has moved through high school.  She has been on the honor roll regularly, nominated for Academic Achievement and Leadership Envision, received an Academic Excellence Award Math, is a National Honors Society Ambassador and Member, earned a Presidential Citation Award, given the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the Points of Light Foundation and won a PSAT AWARD.

Mya has a bright personality and even brighter future. She is an early graduate who will be attending college this fall.  We are so proud of her and thrilled to have spent this three years with her here at Odyssey Online Learning.  Her recognition as Odyssey’s 2017 Student of the Year is well deserved, and we are excited to see what her future holds!