Odyssey Online Learning

Taking Applications for Odyssey Online Learning Board of Directors

Janna DeCamps - Tuesday, August 08, 2017


We are honored to inform you that Odyssey Online Learning has contracted with the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina to manage their election process this year. We are taking applications to serve on the OOL Board of Directors. The deadline to apply is 4 PM on August 14, 2017.

Please visit the following web page to apply to serve on the board. GET INVOLVED. BE A BOARD MEMBER. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Odyssey Online Learning Board of Directors Election Timeline  

August 8th, 2017:  Call for Board Applications will be distributed to the public. Each prospective board member must complete an application online. PCSASC will have these available online for submission/distribution.  If a board candidate is not able to complete the online board application it is the school’s responsibility to assist the candidate with data entry.   Links will be created from school’s website.   

August 14th, 2017:  Close of nominations. Acceptance of nominations will be closed at 4 PM EST.  

August 16th, 2017: Candidate information and application answers posted online.    

August 24 -27th, 2017:  Election.  Voting opens with e-ballot links emailed to each parent/guardian and employee of school.  Voting will open at 8 AM on August 24, 2017 and close at 5 PM on August 27, 2017.  There is one vote per child enrolled in the school and one vote per employee.  Voting will be available via e-ballot allowing parents and employees to vote via the internet.   Each ballot will have a unique pin number to ensure confidentiality and integrity of the process.  Computers and paper ballots will be available at the school during normal school hours for families with no internet access or with limited computer knowledge.  

August 29, 2017: Election results will be certified and elected school board members will be announced publicly.    

September 1, 2017:  Board of Directors Meeting.  New board members will be sworn in on September 1, 2017 at the regularly scheduled board meeting.  

This completes the election process.   

Meeting and Training Requirements:  
Board Members are required to attend all board meetings.  
Mandated Board Training – All board members are required to attend board training within 1 year of being elected.   Free trainings will be offered across the state and online with the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina.