Odyssey Online Learning

Are you a parent looking for an online education for your high school student? Odyssey Online is dedicated to providing a learning environment that meets the individual needs of each of our students by giving them the personal attention and flexibility they deserve to reach their short term educational goals while guiding them and inspiring them to achieve their higher education and life aspirations.

Odyssey Online Learning, formerly known as Provost Academy South Carolina, has been offering quality education since 2009. We have helped thousands of high school students throughout South Carolina achieve great success.

The internet has revolutionized learning through online education.

  • Tuition Free State Accredited School
  • Academic curriculum that aligns meticulous state education standards
  • Certified and highly qualified teachers
  • Customized course developments and individualized learning plans
  • Flexibility to study at home and at students own pace

Odyssey Online Learning is helping students across South Carolina to thrive.

Learning education experts have developed the curriculum used at Odyssey Online Learning. It is tailor-made to prepare students to further their education in colleges and universities. Our institute employs teachers who are experts at offering online instruction and guidance to students. Students also get support from experienced academic advisors, school counselors, and administrative staff. We are committed to give each student the personal attention they merit.

Get to Know Odyssey Online Learning

At Odyssey Online Learning, our students experience quality high school education via the enrollment of online learning. We offer resources and services necessary to build a well-rounded student experience. Digital learning in South Carolina has never been this easy thanks to Odyssey Online Learning.

Our mission is to provide a challenging, enriching, and meaningful curriculum that educates and respects the individual student and the diverse community of learners in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. We believe in providing students with the tools necessary to meet high academic expectations and achieve academic success, thus building the skills and confidence needed to become intelligent, ethical, responsible, and civic-minded adults. 

From students whose parents are in the military, to students that travel, to students that are simply looking for a great education environment, Odyssey Online Learning is the perfect solution!


Our teaching programs are focused on improving our students. We offer the following benefits:

  • Earn a high school diploma. Graduates of Odyssey Online Learning earn the same, standard South Carolina high school diploma as students of public schools, and we are proudly a part of the South Carolina Public Charter School District.
  • Flexible learning opportunities. Our experts have designed an online public school education program and curriculum tailored to your student's needs. You will enjoy flexibility through learning at your pace and place of choice.
  • Free online community schools. Get quality education right from home.
  • Engaging curriculum. Our premier curriculum is designed to be interactive, fun, as well as focused on different learning styles.
  • Follow your dreams. We have an array of majors and electives designed to enable students to follow their educational interests and expand a path of academic success after high school.
  • Proven methods and innovative techniques. Odyssey Online Learning has a team of qualified teachers in digital learning. We are result-oriented, evident from our current students' report cards.
  • A robust base in different subjects including Mathematics and Science. Our curriculum is all-around to cater for various courses in South Carolina education system.
  • Fully accredited. We are fully accredited through AdvancED.

Enroll Online Today!

Odyssey Online Learning has partnered with K12 to provide you with a quick and easy online enrollment process.

Here's how you can enroll online now:

  1. Click to Enroll. Click on the Enroll Now button provided in this section to be taken to the online enrollment process.
  2. Create an Account. The "Parent Portal" connects you to our Online Application and Admissions Process. You will receive an email from k12enrollment@k12.com to confirm account creation once completed.
  3. Select Odyssey Online Learning and Submit an Application. Provide us with basic information about your student. You will receive an email from k12admissions@k12.com with confirmation that the application has been received.
  4. Complete the Admissions Process. Provide necessary documentation required by the school, district, and state. Examples include the student's birth certificate and proof of residency.
  5. Receive Approval. Upon successful completion you will receive emails describing how to access the Odyssey Online Learning, the student's course information and teacher assignment.

Special Education Referral

Student Tech Support

Support representatives are available Monday through Sunday between 8 am and midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). To access the chat support call 1-84GoFuelEd or (844) 638-3533.