Odyssey Online Learning

Odyssey Online Learning a place for those seeking a high school education with a challenging, enriching, and meaningful curriculum that is flexible enough to fit each student’s individual schedules and lifestyles. Odyssey Online Learning, formerly Provost Academy South Carolina, has been offering quality education since 2009. We have helped South Carolina high school students reach their goals and achieve great success.

Odyssey Online Learning operates under the idea that no two students learn the same way or at the same pace, so our students can learn under the same standards as traditional school, at their own pace.

Dedicated in providing a healthy learning environment that meets the needs of each of our students. Whether you’re a prospective student, or a parent who is interested in enrolling your child, find out why Odyssey Online Learning is the best choice for you, today!

I chose an online high school because I needed a school that could meet my needs. At a regular pace, school is not fast enough for me. It would actually be harmful to my education, just as a regular pace is harmful to people who are a little slower. Odyssey is perfect for me and a lot of other people because the pace is set to YOU. If you are a fast learner, the course can go fast. If you are a slow learner, the course can go slow. The teachers are there to help you the entire time. This school has been great for me. I've had more opportunities than I would have had in a brick-and-mortar school. I'm a senior at sixteen! Read More

Summer Ciaccio, Student