Why Odyssey Online Learning

At Odyssey Online Learning, our students experience quality high school education via the enrollment of online learning. We offer resources and services necessary to build a well-rounded student experience. Digital learning in South Carolina has never been this easy thanks to Odyssey Online Learning.

Our students are able to:

  • Learn in a supportive, positive environment with less social pressure and distractions
  • Receive personal attention from state-certified teachers specifically trained to teach online
  • Create a personalized academic program with the help of their personal advisor
  • Connect with fellow students through field trips, clubs and service projects 

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Odyssey Online Learning is to provide a high-quality education for a wide variety of students by offering alternative solutions to traditional schooling while assisting students in achieving the knowledge and skills to reach their highest potential within a flexible and tailored educational program that fosters lifelong learning.


From students whose parents are in the military, to students that travel, to students that are simply looking for a great education environment, Odyssey Online Learning is the perfect solution!