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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the opportunity to join the Odyssey Online team. Our mission is to provide a challenging, enriching, and meaningful curriculum that educates and respects the individual student and the diverse community of learners in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. We aspire to have like-minded employees on our team. Please send a resume´ and cover letter to Andrea Amburn (andrea.amburn@odysseyonline.com)


Current Openings:


Executive Director


The Executive Director will maintain oversight of the operations of the school and ensure that the school’s mission and vision are upheld. The Executive Director will oversee all school operations and be responsible for all state reports and school performance. The Executive Director will manage all board meetings and prepare content for board meetings, as well as be responsible for the budget and other district financial reports and accountability. They will be responsible for recommending salaries, raises, promotions and terminations to the Board and will make the final decision (after conferring with the Board) on personnel issues. The Executive Director will communicate all necessary information to the Board of Directors and the State Department of Education. The work hours for the Executive Director will be primarily from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and evening and weekend hours will also be required in order to communicate with families and staff members on an as-needed basis. This position is a 12 month position and is located at the school’s administrative office.

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Executive Administrative Assistant

The executive administrative assistant will play a key support role within the partnership school. The incumbent will serve as the focal point for communication by mail, telephone and in person. The executive administrative assistant will manage the flow of information within the school and will be responsible for maintaining all schools records. To be effective, the executive administrative assistant must be organized and efficient, familiar with all necessary office equipment, including computers and computer programs for word processing, databases, and spreadsheets. Equally important is the role of the executive administrative assistant as representative of the partnership school. He or she must be flexible, personable, able to communicate the school’s mission and vision, and possessed of the same core values that are part of the partnership school. This is a 12-month position and is located at the school administrative office.


Executive Administrative Assistant


Intervention and Retention Specialist

The Intervention & Retention Specialist will support internal and external community development efforts among students and parents that will result in increased enrollment, retention, graduation rate, family involvement and a sense of community. The Intervention & Retention Specialist will work closely with the Community Outreach Manager and assist with the school’s community presence (virtually and in person). The position also works frequently with the Academic Advisors to track seniors and ensure they are on pace for graduation. The Intervention & Retention Specialist will implement strategic plans to assist students in staying engaged and motivated so they are on track for graduation, resulting in an increased graduation rate at Odyssey Online Learning. This is a full-time, 12-month position, with required evening and weekend hours. The Intervention and Retention Specialist is based out of the school’s administrative office. Occasional travel around the state may be required.


Intervention & Retention Specialist