The Right Curriculum Choices Can Make All the Difference

At Odyssey Online Learning, we want to make sure all our students get a quality educational experience through the best curriculum and instruction we can offer. That is why we take the foundation of our approach very seriously.

With a curriculum of that level and instructors who want to see your student succeed, OOL is the right place to learn. There are new features and classes added on a regular basis to help make sure all students are getting the best online experience for their learning needs. The curriculum we use at OOL is designed specifically to:

  • Increase student engagement and ability
  • Individualize the learning experience for every student
  • Ensure that students stay on track and motivated
  • Align with state standards and requirements for graduation

Engaging Our Students in Unique Ways

The Odyssey Online Learning courses engage students and address several learning styles. Your student is unique, and everyone learns in different ways. With OOL, many varied learning styles are not a problem due to the multi-media mix we offer. This expertly designed curriculum includes:

  • A virtual campus for students to explore and feel connected with others
  • Interactive science labs that can get students thinking and exploring
  • Flash and Discovery Education® videos to help students learn more about the world
  • Audio podcasts of each lesson so students can hear the information again as needed
  • A printable PDF textbook and messaging to keep in touch with instructors
  • A digital notebook, forums and blogs where students can interact, update, chat and address any concerns

Students of OOL will thoroughly cover every concept though essential instruction, along with extension activities, re-teaching and assessments to ensure they have not only learned the information, but also understand what they have learned.

Individualized Learning Can Mean Better Understanding

Odyssey Online Learning courses adapt to fit the needs of your student. It is possible to customize and rearrange the content, and there are individual learning paths based on discussions, testing and interaction with instructors and academic advisors. This careful evaluation, along with live course meetings and a textbook, allows OOL to ensure personalized instruction for every student that meets their learning needs.

Staying on Track is Vital to a Student's Success

Students who learn through OOL will take daily assessments in each lesson and use the learning management system to see and set clear, achievable goals. That helps keep them focused, but also allows them to see their accomplishments as they add up. Those small victories can help the student stay motivated. Both students and parents can see the progress, along with assignments and grades, on their personalized home page.

A Good Education is a Quality Education

All Odyssey Online Learning courses are aligned to state standards and designed to fit proper graduation requirements, so there is no risk of your student completing education with OOL and not being able to graduate based on what a state expects them to know and understand.

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